The White House South Lawn Lincoln Memorial And Reflecting Pool Nurses Urge VA to Work with Them in Good Faith to Ensure Quality Care for Veterans Capitol Washington DC Trump or Clinton Who Will Win
Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C Jefferson Memorial Washington D.C. Overview Changing of the Guard in Arlington  The changing of the guard at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Washington D.C. : Arlington, Washington D.C., Soldier, Soldiers, Soldaten, Changing of the Guard, National Cemetery, Nationalfriedhof, Cemetery, Friedhof, Military, Milität, Armee, Army, Black and White, Schwarz Weiss, People, Menschen, Street, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The White House Washington DC  The White House Washington DC on a sunny afternoon : White House, Washington, Washington DC, The White House: Government, POTUS, President, President of the US, USA, US, Trump, Donald Trump, Obama, Brarack Obama, Republicans, Democrats, Politics, Policy, Politik, Gesetzgebeung, Präsident, Sky, Blue Sky, Washington Monument, Architecture, Architektur, Reise, Travel, Historical places, Flag Capitol Washington DC Under Construction  The United States Capitol in Washington DC under construction at dawn. : Capitol, USA, Washington, Washington DC, Washington D.C., Architecture, Architektur, politics, Government, Politik, Architektur, Dämmerung, Blaue Stunde, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sonnenuntergang, Reise, Travel, Blue Sky, Water, Capitol Hill